This is not a complete listing. Full length poetry collections are in bold.


A Place Like Here. Katabasis, London 1968
My first publication, which I produced myself under Dinah Livingstone’s Katabasis imprint, it is a sequence of short poems based on a year I spent in Pakistan and India in 1960-61.

Six of Five. The Many Press, London 1975
A series of unrhymed sonnets and the first ‘Many Press’ publication. Some of these are reprinted in my Collected Poems.

The Fish God Problem The Many Press, London 1977
A sequence accompanied by a series of drawings by the artist Ken Kiff. The poems are reprinted in ‘Blood and Dreams’.

And Ada Ann, A Book of Narratives. Great Works Press, Bishops Stortford 1978

Performance. The Many Press, London 1979
A group of poems based on notes taken at performances of Anthony Howell’s performance art group ‘The Theatre of Mistakes’.

Out Walking. Anvil, London 1984

Blood and Dreams. Reality Street Editions, London 1991

Its Radiance. Poetical Histories, Cambridge 1993
Appearing in Peter Riley’s series, these poems were part of a longer sequence subsequently collected in ‘Greeting Want.’

Greeting Want. infernal methods, Cambridge 1997

The Eastern Boroughs. Shearsman Books, Exeter 2004
My first Shearsman collection.

On Orkney. infernal methods, Stromness 2005.
This was designed and very beautifully printed by Turkish friends Guray Erkan and Emel Binboga who ran a printing business in Stoke Newington.

Collected Poems. Shearsman, Exeter 2008
See elsewhere on the website for more details.

Untold Wealth. Oystercatcher, Hunstanton 2008
Poems subsequently collected in my most recent book ‘Visiting Exile’.

Visiting Exile. Shearsman, Exeter 2009
See elsewhere on the site for more details

Its Halting Measure. Shearsman, Exeter 2009
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Dreaming Arrival, Shearsman Books 2008

(as Compiler/Editor) Stories From South Asia, Oxford University Press 1984

Contributions To Books:

‘Dream and Restoration’: an essay contributed to ‘Poets on Writing, Britain 1970-1991’, ed. Denise Riley (Macmillan 1992)

‘The Life Of It’ in ‘The Disappeared’ ed. Iain Sinclair (Hamish Hamilton 2006)

‘Getting There’ in ‘Tales of Psychotherapy’ ed. Jane Ryan (Karnac 2007)


Articles in fragmente, London Review of Books, PN Review,The Reader, Scintilla.

Reviews of poetry in Poetry Review, Poetry London, Tears in the Fence, Use of English, Wasafiri.

Internet reviews and articles in Jacket, The Bowwow Shop, nth position.


CD: ‘Lip Service’, a selection of poems. Optic Nerve 2008

Note: I have, and can supply, copies of ‘And Ada Ann’, ‘Blood And Dreams’ and ‘Greeting Want’, also the CD ‘Lip Service’. For my Anvil Book and Shearsman publications, see their respective websites at and at